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Jinlong Yu Group Co . , Ltd . is established by the whole change of Jinlong Yu Group Co . , Ltd . , the predecessor of which is Shenzhen Jinlong Yu Cable Industry Development Co . , Ltd . , founded in April 1996 . It is located at 288 Jihua Road , Jihua Street , Longgang District , Shenzhen . It covers an area of 330,000 square meters . It is a professional enterprise engaged in R & D , production , sales and service of wire and cable . The registered trademark of the product is " Golden Dragon feather " . On July 17 , 2017 , the Company successfully listed in the A Shares of Shenzhen Stock Exchange ( for short : Jinlong feather , stock code : 002882 ) .

The quality comes from the focus , since the Group has focused on the industry , has become one of the largest wire and cable manufacturing enterprises in South China , its main wire and cable products reach more than 10 series , more than 100 models , 5 , 600 specifications , mainly including :

500kV and below cross - linked polyethylene insulated power cable ;

0.6 / 1kV PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable ;

Overhead insulated cables ;

steel core aluminium stranded wire ;

Copper - aluminum core power cable ;

Computer cables and control cables ;

prefabricated branch cable ;

Special low - smoke halogen - free , low - smoke , low - halogen , flame - retardant , fire - resistant series electric cable .

Group takes the customer value as the center of gravity , takes the product quality as the core , promotes the brand strategy of " golden dragon feather " in a comprehensive way through the development of technology innovation , and successively passes the certification of ISO 9001 , ISO , OHSAS 18001 management system , compulsory instruction ROHS of China , certification of product certification and quality system , European Union compulsory instruction ROHS certification , European Union CE product certification . Science management and perfect detection means , Group obtains : quality tracking products , products and inspection quality good enterprises , Guangdong famous brand products , Guangdong Province famous trademark , Shenzhen private leading military backbone enterprise , donation Wenchuan earthquake disaster area and product and service quality guarantee outstanding contribution award , Shenzhen quality strong city backbone enterprise , Guangdong province defends contract heavy credit enterprise and so on honorary title ;

As early as 2002 , the National Economic and Trade Commission was listed as the equipment product and recommended catalogue for the construction and transformation of urban and rural power grids . With the strong competitive advantage , Jinlong Yu Group obtained the trust of the national power grid , the Southern Power Grid and various provincial and municipal power grid products and the trust of many well - known enterprises customers , and its series of products have been applied to a large number of key projects . In addition , the products of Jinlongyu Group are exported to a number of countries and regions such as Singapore , Australia , Hong Kong and the like .

Since its establishment , the Group has actively participated in drafting and revising the national standards and industry standards of the cable and cable , and promoted the development of industry standards to meet the needs of different customers in the market . With the strong financial strength and the professional technology of the wire and cable industry , the Group stepped up its investment in the production equipment capital , established a comprehensive cooperation relationship with the well - known institutions , improved the cooperation of production and research , and introduced a number of international advanced production equipment , and management , production and technical personnel to ensure the provision of high - quality products to users .

Being honest , trustworthy and win - win is the consistent operating principle of Jinlong Yu Group . Today , Jinlong Yu Group welcomes the new development opportunity , and we will develop the spirit of golden dragon feather , give full play to the advantages of Jinlong Yu ' s pioneering and innovation , keep pace with the times , enhance the core competitiveness , and keep sound development , so as to promote growth through innovation , and make Jinlong Yu Group ' s economic strength , technical strength and management strength to be a new step , and become the benchmark enterprise of wire and cable industry .

Jinlong feather electric wire cable produced by Jinlong Yu Group Co . , Ltd . is a national free - inspection product , Guangdong famous brand product , Guangdong province famous trademark , Jinlong feather trademark is recognized as China famous trademark . The production base has a total area of 200,000 square meters , annual production capacity of 3 billion yuan , is Shenzhen ' s largest production line cable enterprises , the national coal industry electromechanical equipment fixed - point production enterprise , the ISO9001 quality management system certification enterprise , the ISO9001 quality management system certification enterprise , the product passes the China Quality Certification Center security certification , obtains the CCC certification mark . After more than 20 years of pioneering and development , the enterprise has been continuously growing , with 4 products reaching the domestic advanced level of 35 kV and the following cross - linked power cable three - layer co - extrusion production line , introducing Germany on - line detecting and measuring instrument , and has domestic advanced level .

Jinlong Yu Group Co . , Ltd .

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Huizhou Jinlong Yu Cable Industry Development Co . , Ltd .

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The address in Shenzhen:288 Jihua Road , Jihua Street , Longgang District , Shenzhen ,Guangdong 518112, China.
The address in Huizhou:Jinlongyu Group Industrial Park, Boluo, Luoyang Town, Huizhou, Guangdong, China.

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